Crave | 2016

by Sarah Kane

2nd – 11th June 2016, 7.30PM @ State Theatre Centre.



Directed by Renato Fabretti / Presented by WA Youth Theatre Company

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One Woman. Of many minds. A poetic dive into need, violence, doubt and longing.

A tender reminder of our deepest need and a common battle in us all.


Twenty years after Sarah Kane’s scandalous and lauded theatre debut, WAYTCO is proud to present her most poetic and tender work. A searingly beautiful contribution to the canon of 20th century literature, Crave takes place in an abstract world that is filled by four characters: C, M, B and A. While the construct of the play is hard to pin down, the characters and their stories – ones of love, trauma, trust and grief – are impossible to forget.

Sarah Kane’s name is synonymous with the InYourFace theatre movement of the 1990s, and her works have lived on in past her tragic passing, through performance after performance. Mark Ravenhill has said of her legacy, “Kane's plays have almost certainly achieved canonical status. All over the world, they are seen and admired. Almost since the arrival of Blasted, she has been regarded as the most important of the new British dramatists.” WAYTCO is honoured and eager to present Crave, one of Kane’s most poetic and moving works. 

Renato Fabretti, the company’s artistic director, is thrilled to have been given the opportunity to work on this established and ground breaking work with such an excellent cast of young performers – a play that demands so much of the cast, their finesse, bravery and honesty. He’s said:


Mz Kane has asked that I (and all of our company) think long and hard about the many issues her own mind grappled with as we worked to understand her play. But also . . . she has asked me, if only for a few weeks, to see the world, and feel the world, as she experiences it. Which, troubling and confusing as that may be, may be more the point and more the rewarding purpose.

She frustrates the part of me that wants to flick to the back of the book and get the answer, the key to unlock all of this . . . but she gives me so much more by being that bold person who can enchant me and hold me long enough to devoutly wish this frustration and it’s reward.


Crave is an unmissable opportunity to further the conversation on mental health amongst WA’s young adults. Crave is aimed at audiences ages 16+, and WAYTCo is excited to reach the young people of Perth and start a discussion that doesn’t dodge the complexities and realities of mental health but embraces them.  


Reviews of CRAVE:

Nerida Dickinson of ArtsHub wrote:

"...a particularly outstanding piece of controlled theatre."  

"As an ensemble the four performers are tight: delivering lines with precise timing to overlap and syncopate as well as take a breath and deliver synchronised, single words to effectively create a new timing and sense of space in the densely-written prose. Beyond the impressive technical control of their lines, all performers work together to deliver subtle hints of interaction, moments of eye contact and body movement to interact while voicing conflicting thoughts." 

"An intense experience for performers, creatives and audience members alike. WAYTCo’s production of Crave not only impresses with the capacities of its young artists, it serves as a reminder that the scope of theatre reaches beyond light entertainment and clever narratives to even darkened mirrors of the hidden aspects of the human experience."