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“WAYTCo has helped me personally by building my confidence and skills on stage. I wouldn’t ask for more. WAYTCo has helped me discover my abilities and made me decide what my future could be. WAYTCo has given me opportunities by meeting people from the acting industry and learning more from what they do. Learning new acting techniques from teachers that we had was really effective… they got me out my shell.” Ayouk, member, 2018

“Our son 23 year old Adam, who has Autism (high functioning), joined WAYTCo as an acting student several years ago. He had been interested in performance for some time but WAYTCo gave him the opportunity to get involved and be treated as an equal. In the last two years, he has been able to join the Ensemble and had the experience of performing in very professional productions, whilst also having a voice in the youth advisory panel. Adam has been able to develop socially as well as creatively in the very nurturing environment provided by James Berlyn and the other staff members. We cannot speak highly enough of James for his commitment and dedication to the organisation and Adam as an individual. WAYTCo has always been very inclusive and a safe, happy space for Adam and the other members to learn performance skills. We have been very impressed by the care taken with all the performers involved and the happiness it has given Adam to be part of the group. WAYTCo has enriched his life immensely.” Brian & Gemma, parents, 2019

“With WAYTCo’s help I was enabled to do what I love in a safe and inviting environment and tackle the journey that was Cloud Nine… The company provided an environment that felt safe and inclusive, where I felt I fitted in. I’d love for these opportunities to keep happening, to empower more young artists like myself and enrich and enliven the future of Western Australian arts.” Lexie, member, 2018

“To me, being an artist means we have an obligation and a great joy in sharing stories with others. Being a voice for those who feel they have no voice and to insight positive change in thought to the community. We must raise the questions that aid us to become better people in our communities, and art is something that does this... the Company has taught me inclusivity and patience. Since working with WAYTCo I have managed to find further work and opportunities that have helped me progress in my artistic journey.” David, member, 2018

“WAYTCo introduced me to the world of professional theatre in a way that was engaging, inspiring and empowering. Their leadership, support and guidance has pushed me to better understand my performance and henceforth improve my craft.” Olivia, member, 2018

“From puppetry to performance art, Shakespeare monologues to improvisation, WAYTCo has given me amazing opportunities to access, engage and learn from professional arts practitioners in Perth. The atmosphere here is electric – it is a safe space where you can really try things, and failure is celebrated along with success. I’ve also learn so much from other WAYTCo members – I can’t think of many other places where I’d get to work with such a diverse group of young people. It has been such an enriching and empowering experience, and one I will always treasure as I move towards professional practice.” Laura, member, 2018

“Working with WAYTCO is an experience that I will treasure for the rest of my professional career. Being in the room with such a talented cast and crew was inspiring and challenging and pushed me every day to learn more, listen better and work harder. Having just completed a Bachelor Degree in Performance Making at WAAPA, it was incredible to be part of a production that is giving young people a taste of a professional career in the arts and on the stage! As a young person, being given an outlet for creativity with industry standard objectives is invaluable and a testament to the task that WAYTCo has undertaken in investing in the future of the Arts in Perth.” Isaac, member, 2018

“The opportunity to collaborate with a renowned industry professional, such as Jeffrey, on such a complex and exciting text [Cloud Nine], was extraordinarily empowering for me as a young artist. As a young person entering an often-overwhelming industry, you can sometimes find yourself questioning your capability. The opportunity that WAYTCo provided in this project reinforced my belief in myself as an artist, and in mypeers, who even though are young, have indefinite capability of creating, performing and developing great things.” Tess, member, 2018

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